NorthStar VETS recognizes its Employees of the Year for 2020. These team members had perfect attendance and displayed dedication to the team.

Sabrina Dempsey
"I was brought up that being present is important. I also had perfect attendance in all 4 years of high school. It is important that my team can depend on me."

Nancy Doren
"Am I proud of myself for this recognition? Yes. But, I'm only doing what is expected of me. Not calling out of work, being punctual, not leaving early, and most of all, doing my job and being there for my co-workers. My parents raised me that way."

Donna Fisher

Marta Hill
"I'm honored to be recognized. I've always thought of myself as a team player and being a part of NorthStar VETS inspires me to be there for my amazing teammates whenever I can, especially during these difficult times."

Samara McCormack

Sierra Perkins
"It's an honor to receive this award! It is very important to me to be there for my NorthStar VETS family especially during this difficult year."

Marissa Warner

Laurie Wisniewski
"I am proud! I think this says a lot about a person's work ethic. To have not called out of work for a whole year, especially during these times, it's something to be proud of."