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Oncology Clinical Trial

We are excited to announce that Dr. Dorothy Jackson is joining Dr. Kendra Pope in a clinical trial to determine the benefits of using acupuncture for our canine lymphoma patients. Acupuncture is well documented in human oncology to reduce side effects of chemotherapy, but until now has not been studied in our canine patients. Minimizing side effects, such as gastrointestinal upset and decreased blood cell counts, will not only make these patients more comfortable but also allow for the use of more effective doses of chemotherapy.

This clinical trial will assign patients into 2 groups: those receiving chemotherapy alone and those receiving both chemotherapy and acupuncture. Both groups of patients will receive the gold standard chemotherapy protocol. Owners will not be informed which group their pet has been assigned to until the end of the study. The cost of each acupuncture treatment will be included as part of the study for patients receiving acupuncture and all patients will receive reduced cost blood work throughout chemotherapy treatment for participation in the study. Owners are responsible for the cost of chemotherapy.

If you have any questions regarding this trial or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jackson of the Oncology service for enrollment, please contact NorthStar VETS at 609-259-8300.