Expert, prompt, and affordable teleradiology services are just a click away!

This service is perfect for general practitioners who have digital radiography or other advanced imaging in their practices and appreciate having a second set of eyes when interpreting images. Teleradiology is also very useful for the uncommon case when help is needed in determining diagnosis and/or treatment and for STAT reads.

NorthStar VETS Teleradiology Services: Specialist interpretation of radiographs, on demand

Our teleradiology service is:

  • Accessible: We are available when you need a STAT radiographic interpretation, from 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday, EST
  • Fast: Submit STAT cases for a 3-hour preliminary turnaround; Non-STAT cases receive a written report within 24 hours (in most cases)
  • Easy:
    • Use NorthStar VETS Connect as the preferred method.
    • Call 609.259.8300 to discuss a case or learn how to send images
  • Affordable:We will bill your practice with a convenient, monthly, itemized invoice.
  • Responsive: Via emailed report, count on us to respond promptly to your needs
  • Expert: All films are read and interpreted by an experienced specialist at NorthStar VETS

Using conventional X-rays?

No problem! NorthStar VETS also offers teleradiology services for the interpretation of conventional X-rays. Please call 609.259.8300 to learn how to send images to our office.

What you need to submit

  • Practice name
  • Doctor's name
  • Contact person
  • Contact phone number
  • Contact email address (if different from sending address)
  • Patient name
  • Signalment
  • History
  • Specific inquiries or areas of interest (if applicable)
  • Photo of area of interest (if applicable)

All views from the same patient session are under the same umbrella cost.

Meet our Team

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