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Blood Donor Agreement

Owner Information

Donor Information

Male Intact     Male Neutered     Female Intact     Female Neutered    

Please initial each statement below:

  • My cat is indoor-only for greater than 6 months and will remain indoor only while they are in the program.
  • My other cats are also indoor-only and negative for FeLV/FIV
  • I do not foster or pet sit in the home where this cat lives.

Participation Agreement

  • I authorize NorthStar VETS to enroll my pet in the volunteer blood bank program. If the screening process (physical examination, lab work) reveals a need for medical treatment, I will return to my primary veterinarian for review, consultation, and treatment as indicated.
  • I understand that my pet will be required to donate blood a minimum of four times but no more than eight times per year.
  • I authorize an area of fur to be clipped on my pet's neck for blood draw (all blood draws are done by experienced technicians).
  • I am aware that NorthStar VETS is a 24/7 emergency care facility and I may need to be called in for an emergency donation.
  • I consent to keep up with my pet's yearly exams, vaccines, and monthly heartworm preventive as recommended by my regular veterinarian. I understand that information about the health of my pet is important not only to my pet, but to the potential patients who may receive his/her blood. I will notify NorthStar VETS immediately if any health concerns or problems arise.
  • I authorize the use of sedation on my pet if necessary (you will be informed first) under the guidance of a veterinarian to complete the donation if necessary.
  • I authorize the use of my pet's image and first name only for promotional, marketing, and educational purposes.
  • NorthStar VETS is grateful for your willingness to volunteer your pet to save the lives of other pets through blood donations. Pets that qualify as blood donors will receive...
  • A free unit of blood for each unit donated for the life of your pet if they should ever need it
  • Free annual physical examination by a veterinarian and initial and annual blood screening as long as they are in the program. This includes a complete blood count, serum chemistry, urinalysis, and comprehensive infectious disease screening (valued at $500-800). These results are forwarded to your veterinarian.
  • Free box of treats for every donation
  • 10% discount at NorthStar VETS while enrolled in the program

NorthStar VETS understands that there may be circumstances when a donor can no longer be in the program for health or other reasons. Screening and maintaining a donor is of considerable cost to our program. We ask that if you do not think you can commit to bringing your pet in 4-8 times per year to give blood that you do not volunteer for this program.