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rehab Rehabilitation & Pain Management

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At NorthStar VETS, Rehabilitative and Pain Management services are provided by a team of veterinarians with advanced training and certification in canine rehabilitation and acupuncture. Based on a thorough assessment of your pet's medical history, current physical challenges and lifestyle - along with your goals for your companion - we will develop a comprehensive rehabilitation and pain management program that's tailored to your pet's individual needs.

Indications for Rehabilitation

  • Post-operative orthopedic or neurologic surgery
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Weakness related to age or metabolic conditions
  • Neurological conditions (ie. intervertebtal disc disease, fibrocartilagenous embolism, degenerative myelopathy)
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Weight management
  • Conditioning for working dogs and canine athletes*
*We particularly enjoy working with these patients during the initial postoperative recuperation period and then - in conjunction with their performance trainers - transitioning them back to their normal training regimen.

Benefits of Rehabilitation

  • Improve joint range of motion
  • Improve muscular strength and coordination
  • Facilitate healing and return to function
  • Prevent further muscle atrophy
  • Improve mobility and quality of life
  • Decrease pain
  • Promote physical and mental well-being

Therapies We Provide

Our physical rehabilitation veterinarians use the same equipment and techniques used in human physical therapy, such as:

  • Electrical stimulation modalities (NMES)
  • Hydrotherapy (also called aquatic therapy)
  • Manual therapy (massage, stretching, joint and/or soft tissue mobilization)
  • Therapeutic exercise for improving range of motion, strength and balance
  • Therapeutic laser therapy
  • Thermotherapy (heat and ice)
  • Multimodal Pain Management
  • In addition to physical rehabilitation, NorthStar VETS offers complementary rehabilitative and pain management services including

To make a referral or schedule a consultation with our Physical Rehabilitation & Pain Management Department,
simply call NorthStar VETS at 609.259.8300.

Jessica Maziarz Jessica Maziarz - Client Liaison

Pet Parents: Contact Jessica at 609-259-8300 x1201, or to schedule your appointment and get all pre-consultation paperwork set up.

Veterinarians: Contact Jessica with questions about in-hospital cases, or to discuss a pending case. You can also refer a case online.