Seizure Appointment Questionnaire

Seizure Appointment Questionnaire

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When did the seizures first start?

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Description of Seizures (check all applicable or explain)

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Full body movement (grand mal):




Paddling legs:

Still legs:

Vomiting/drooling/foaming at the mouth:


Urination or defecation:

Stimulating/trigger events:

Abnormal behavior before or after, (duration):


Frequency of Pet's Seizures

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Any recent changes?

Patterns/time of day:

Is your pet having other neurological symptoms? (pain, weakness, balance, lethargy, behavior change, disorientation, vision loss, etc?)

Have you seen a veterinarian for this current issue?

Have recent drug levels or other lab work been performed and if so, when?

Have other diagnostics been performed for this issue and when? (X-rays, CT or MRI Scan, Other)


Recent dose changes

Any witnessed side effects?

Can you give medications every 8 hours(3 times per day)   Yes   No

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Have you administered pet medications before?   Yes   No

If so, do you prefer:   Tablets    Liquids

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Drug Name Size or Concentration Dose Times Source Date Started

Other current/past health conditions, concerns, surgeries?

Any other recent changes/updates since last appointment?

Current diet:

For Cats:   Indoor Only   Outdoor Only   Indoor/Outdoor

Is your pet up to date on vaccines?   Yes   No

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