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Veterinary Pharmacy: Prescription Medicines for Your Pet

NorthStar VETS has a fully staffed, fully stocked, state-of-the-art pharmacy, giving you convenient, on-site access to almost any medication your pet needs. We also work with select compounding pharmacies so that certain drugs can be customized for your pet, when necessary. Several brands of prescription diets also are available here.

Our pharmacy is open 24/7, staffed by trained and certified pharmacology veterinary technicians who dispense and administer drugs to animals on the order of the veterinarian. If you have a question - day or night - we're here to help.

Your Pet's Safety Comes First

We use a secure computerized system to maintain our inventory and accurately keep track of all medications dispensed throughout the hospital as well as those prescribed to patients for administration at home. Before medications are dispensed, we use a triple-check system to ensure the right medicine is given to the right patient, every time.

When You Need a Refill

Prescription refills can be emailed to the pharmacy for pickup within 48 hours. You can also request a refill online.

Can't make it to NorthStar VETS?

For your convenience, we offer two online pharmacy services so you can purchase prescriptions and refills for home delivery. To learn more, visit the NorthStar VETS pharmacy online.