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Stem Cell Therapy

Both humans and animals have a built-in "first-aid kit" in the form of adult stem cells, which are found in tissues throughout the body. They are the body's repair cells, able to divide and "morph" into many different cell types, depending on where in the body they're needed. With this capability, they can be used as a treatment for certain types of injuries.

NorthStar VETS is on the frontier of veterinary medicine by offering adult stem cell therapy to dogs and cats. Members of our team have advanced training in using adult stem cell therapy and are currently available for consultation regarding this innovative treatment.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works

Through a simple surgical procedure, adult stem cells are harvested, activated and reintroduced into a pet's body in areas where healing and regeneration are needed.

What Conditions Can Stem Cell Therapy Treat?

Adult stem cell therapy can be used for the treatment of:

  • Fracture repair
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Polyarthritis
  • Tendonitis

In fact, in recent years, thousands of animals in the United States have been treated for tendon, ligament and joint problems using their own stem cells. More than 70% of these pets have had significant improvement in their quality of life and can return to running, jumping, swimming, or whatever physical activity their lifestyle might demand.

What the Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Involves

  • The day of the procedure, your pet will be anesthetized and the veterinarian will surgically remove a couple tablespoons of fat
  • The fat will then be processed to remove the stem cells; this generally takes a couple of hours
  • After the stem cells are collected, your pet will be sedated again and the stem cells will be injected into the affected joints and/or into the bloodstream.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Safe?

Since pets donate their own stem cells, therapy is extremely safe, with less than 1% of patients having an adverse reaction.

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