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Last night we took our 13 year old cat to the NorthStar emergency room and ended up putting her to sleep. Every staff member we encountered was incredibly kind and compassionate. The doctor explained the whole process to our family and put us at ease. They treated our cat with so much love in her last moments. I highly recommend NorthStar. They truly treat pets like family.

-Julie Maher , submitted 08/29/2022

This testimonial is a little late because we needed time to recover from our lost. Almost a month ago my beloved Percy started sneezing blood and reverse sneezing it was almost to where it seemed that he couldn't breath, we took Percy to his regular vet and they send me home with allergy meds, 3 days later Percy was doing worst, Saturday morning I took him to the first ER in Mount Laurel, where they informed me that Percy had allergies and that nothing could be done other than wait almost a month for a Ct Scan and see if they could find "something maybe stuck in his nostrils and look into removing it" , I didn't settle for that answer because Percy was getting worst by the minute, I grabbed him and took him to the second ER that is within minutes from the first one, the Vet there told me pretty much the same. I took Percy home that day, the next day on morning Sunday I called NorthStar Vets just to ask about Ct scan. From the minute the receptionist answer that phone I knew they would help just by her asking me to hold a minute while she went to gather more info for me. When she came back to the phone she told bring him asap through the ER , we rush Percy to the ER at NorthStar and they took care of him very quickly, he got admitted to the ICU within hours, Ct scan was done ASAP, and we got a diagnose as soon as the Dr was able to give us one. unfortunately Percy had a Tumor. Dr Hammer took Percy's Case and she was nothing but 100% helpful, she gave us options and went above and beyond for us, EVERYONE at NorthStar Vets are phenomenal, I will always be so grateful for everything they did for Percy. I would never ever recommend any other Vet Hospital other than this one. Their is so much more great things I can say about NorthStar vets but truly what I wanted to say is THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, for the caring love and attention Percy received by everyone there. nn

-Rivera-Garcia Family, submitted 04/25/2022

I'm so grateful to Northstar veta for their stellar service for my rabbit with multiple health issues. nThey helped identify her tumor, diagnosed curricula and gave her medication to help her through.nI was amazed at the speedy service of their pharmacy as well when I needed refills in a rush.nThanks to Dr. Goodman, Dr. Winkler and the staff

-Rachel Muthuraj , submitted 03/17/2022

I brought in my parrot Ze in the other day and was seen by Dr. Britton saw my little man and Dylan was the nurse. I have worked in veterinary medicine for 8 years and this was BY FAR the BEST service and experience I have EVER seen or had. The facility was gorgeous. The staff was friendly, but Dr. Britton was AMAZING. She was compassionate and thorough. She treated my little guy like he was her own. Dylan the nurse was SUPER NICE and caring too. My baby was diagnosed with heart disease and I broke down, but Dr. Britton and Dylan put me at ease. I felt like my voice was heard and that my baby was in good hands. Thank you for making my visit wonderful and above all thank you for caring for my son.

-David Couto , submitted 03/17/2022

I can't thank the North Star Staff for all there kindness that I received when I had to cross over the rainbow bridge with my 17th year old Kitty. It was our first time at North Star. Also I just received my Kitty's paw print package. Thank you so much it was greatly appreciated and beautiful and made a sad time so heartwarming.

-Barbara Jarvis, submitted 03/17/2022

On Friday, August 6, 2021, we had to bring our cat in for an emergency visit. The staff was pleasant and kept us informed as to where we were in line to be seen since they had quite a few emergencies come in before and after we arrived. Unfortunately, we had to make the difficult and painful decision to put our cat to sleep due to the progression of her kidney disease. The staff and the doctor whose names I sadly do not remember were so kind, sympathetic and let us have a lot of time before the end. I cannot begin to say how much we appreciate the care, thoughtfulness, and compassion everyone showed us last Friday night. While we continue to grieve, we know we made the right decision based on the information we were provided by the doctor and all of the steps she and the technicians took to see what was wrong with our baby. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who worked from 5:00 PM through Midnight on Friday, August 6, 2021. You are all absolutely the best group of people we could have hoped to have during this difficult time.

-Sam and Mario, submitted 03/17/2022

I took my 7 yr old cat Henry to NorthStar Vets Maple Shade on Sept. 4. He was sick and we needed help. The staff was wonderful , very professional and compassionite. From the time we entered to the time we left we could feel the hugs and warmth, Dr. Veronica Jones was knowledgeable and very sweet.nI wish we could have had a better outcome but Henry was is good hands and so were we.nThank you for you care and warmth.

-Pat Giacabetti and Kate Donaldson, submitted 03/17/2022

We want to thank everyone at the NorthStar Veterinary Hospital in Robbinsville for the compassionate care we received on Wednesday, September 8,2021. Our 15 year old cat, Pip, had been showing his age and seemed more tired than usual for a few days. But on that morning we found him tucked tightly in a hiding spot. He quickly deteriorated and suffered a seizure. NorthStar allowed us to bring him over immediately and we knew it was time to take a very hard step. The staff was very understanding of the sadness we were feeling and did everything they could to ease the situation. Dr. Nicole was gentle and loving in his final moments and we will be forever grateful for all the kindness we felt. Thank you all!

-The Nihill Family, submitted 03/17/2022

I want to thank Dr Lauren Higgins for helping me with my sweet boy McKinley this morning. I had to make the decision to put him to rest due to ongoing health issues unexpectedly . It was very difficult! She was very supportive and compassionate with me and assured me I was doing the right thing. Her kindness goes a long way along with all the other staff members that were involved during his stay at the hospital. You all care very much about your patients and it shows. Thank you again for getting me through a difficult time!

-Cyndi guy, submitted 03/17/2022

I can not say enough or give enough thanks to the entire staff at Northstar Vets. Just days before Thanksgiving 2021 we had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to Peanut our 14 year old cat who was our little baby. They were so caring and compassionate giving us as much time as we needed before and after to say goodbye. We will be forever grateful to them and we highly recommend them for all your fur baby needs.

-Pat and Michael Pollack, submitted 03/17/2022

My wife and I would like to thank Dr. Rebello for all her kindness this past Tuesday. We brought our cat Phannie in because she was in distress. Dr. Rebello and staff were very kind and gentle with how they treated her and when a decision had to be made, they allowed us to be with our Phannie till the end. During a very sad event, the staff at Northstar were super and Dr. Rebello was awesome. Thank you for all your kindness. God Bless, Frank and Paula Pirozzi

-Francis Pirozzi, submitted 03/17/2022

My lost cat Tubbs was found by a fabulous couplenWho took her to the Brick location. Tubbs got all her vitals checked and scanned. Her registered microchip was detected. Threw the chip company I was given north star and the couples phone numbers. I must give a special shout out to Ms. Prasilla!! She was extremely fabulous! She was able to keep me calm and gave me in great detail all that was done to my baby girl. MS Prasilla answered all my questions and even checked back with me. Threw this amazing experience I am looking into changing over to them! I can not thank everyone involved in my reunion for treating Tubes as the most important client in the world

-Rita V, submitted 03/17/2022

I visited for the first time the North Star Vets Hospital in Robbinsville . My dog was having breathing and heart issues . The staff was attentive and the doctor who took care of my dog Dr. Berkowitz was excellent so kind and asked me about everything bf each test being done . Clean facility and just an amazing hospital and staff and doctors ! Highly recommend !

-Mary Dimitrakis , submitted 03/17/2022

We have had a series of rabbits treated at North Star- At first by Dr. Michael Doolen, then, after Dr. Doolen retired, by other exotics specialists- I unreservedly recommend North Star for your exotics!

-Robin L. Distefano, submitted 06/07/2021

We have been patients of NSV for several years and the level care and knowledge by the staff AND the doctors never ceases to amaze me. They are caring and professional and love my furbabies as much as I do. When my Keeley passed away in 2019, Drs. Anderson, Culbert and Hammer supported me the whole step of the way; literally hugging me and holding my hand. Ann Rooney was phenomenal too; so gentle and kind in a time when I needed it most. This year, I met Dr. Herrmann for Eli who had severe periodontal disease. I thought it was a bit drastic that he suggested full mouth extraction, but I knew as a NS Vet he would only recommend the best care and decided to do it. I can't thank Dr. Herrmann enough for his expert dental care and kindness shown to Eli. I hadn't met him due to Covid restrictions, until our recent visit and he was pleased with Eli's healing...all thanks to him! Dr. Vygantas has seen Eli through his blindness always with care and compassion. I can't forget to mention the client liaisons. Nicole and Jeannette have been great! They respond to every email in a timely manner and always have an answer. I will continue to recommend NSV to everyone and anyone who will listen. Our experience has been outstanding! Thank you for all you do!

-Barbara Calzone, submitted 06/07/2021

I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to Dr. Lauren Higgins and Dr. Kristina Vygantas. Dr. Vygantas always provided the most compassionate and thorough care for our Molly's eye health throughout the years. Recently I had to say goodbye to our sweet girl with the most compassionate care and support from Dr. Higgins in the early morning. They followed up Molly's Rainbow crossing with a beautiful card and the most sincere personal notes to us. Throughout all the extra time and exhaustion with the Covid protocols this act of kindness shows how special the care provided by your team has helped us through the loss of our dear girl. With my sincerest thanks and appreciation,nnLauren

-Lauren Temple, submitted 05/10/2021

Thank you NorthStar VETS for giving our pets professional and caring attention over the years. Dr. Keegan has been treating our Chinese Crested powderpuff, Nyla for 3 years for a heart condition. His expert care enabled her to have great quality of life as he prescribed medications and encouraged us to allow Nyla to continue an active lifestyle as much as her condition would allow. Unfortunately, she passed away at home this month, but we are grateful that she was able to enjoy life to the fullest without any serious downsides for as long as she did. Nyla is thankful for that, Dr. Keegan as we are, too.

-Raymond and Susan Blair, submitted 05/10/2021

Dr. Fry, Brittany and the whole Northstar team took such good care of my baby girl Luna the last few months while she battled having a brain tumor removed. They were so sweet with her and extremely helpful, informative and responsive throughout the whole process. They made the difficult situation we were going through a bit easier. I would highly recommend Northstar to anyone that needs medical care for their pet.

-Allison Sabatino, submitted 03/09/2021

At the end of July, 2020, my dog badly tore her ACL. Dr. Stobie saw her in Maple Shade the following day, and scheduled TPLO surgery the same week. My friend, Beth, is a Vet Tech in Maple Shade, who walked me through the process and was there to calm my ever-increasing anxiety. The day before her scheduled surgery, my pup tore the ACL in her other knee. Again, NorthStar examined and confirmed and we knew that a second TPLO was on the horizon.nnBella is now almost three weeks post-op from her second surgery and is bouncing back quickly. I am so thankful for the kind staff, especially Beth, who helped us on this journey. And most importantly, I am very grateful to have had the expertise of Dr. Stobie, who was compassionate and patient while walking us through the surgeries. I know many animals go through those doors, but Dr. Stobie always made us feel like our Bella was one of the very special ones! Thank you so much!

-Tina Marie DeCandia, submitted 03/09/2021

NorthStar VETS has been a godsend when it came to my family and my dog's needs. They were there for us in our time of need, and helped support me in the hardest decision I ever had to make. The Robbinsville staff were not only kind and caring, but they were loving and compassionate! I could never thank them enough the help of easing my pain and ensuring that my Simon had the best care possible in his time of need. I would not take my pets anywhere else for their care. Thank you NorthStar VETS for your amazing support and compassion when I needed it the most. I thank you, and Simon thanks you. In loving memory of Simon. 10/15/03- 6/3/20.

-Stephanie Falsetti, and of course Simon, submitted 03/09/2021

Northstar Vets helped us in our time of need when no other vets were able to allow us to be with our precious cat during her final moments. We would have had to drop her at the door of our regular vet, but at NSV we were both able to be with her to the end. Thank you NSVets for your compassionate care.

-Rosie's Mom, submitted 02/08/2021

NorthStar VETS has been a godsend in our family's time of need. Not only did they help ease my mind when it came to making the hardest decision, but they were extremely supportive in multiple ways. The Robbinsville staff were not only caring and kind, but they were loving and compassionate in my time of sorrow. There is no other place I would rather take my best friend for the care he needed. I could not thank the staff enough for everything they helped with for my family. I will always be thankful that I chose them for my Simon?EUR(TM)s needs. They will always have a special place in my heart. In memory of Simon, thank you NorthStar VETS!

-Stephanie F , submitted 11/10/2020

Our cat, Paxton, began showing symptoms of feline stomatitis at around 1.5 years old. Very quickly, it began to get worse, as he would scream in pain every time he tried to eat, and often wouldn't eat at all. After nearly 2 more years of watching him deteriorate, force feeding, and seeing numerous vets for bi-weekly steroid and antibiotic injections, we were directed to see Dr Lewis in Oral Surgery and scheduled a full mouth extraction. Dr. Lewis and his team were amazing throughout the entire process and his rocky recovery. They were kind and caring to Pax, and obviously cared about his recovery almost as much as we did! It was the absolute best thing we ever did for him. The transformation was incredible, and almost 4 years later, we still have not had any stomatitis related issues since! Thank you Dr. Lewis and NorthStar!

-Emily and Daechelle Conners (and Pax!), submitted 10/13/2020

I would like to thank Dr. Joanna Lloyd for her professionalism, patience and care. After the x-rays and diagnosis at Northstar, we struggled for five hours over the decision to amputate a leg or euthanize our 15 1/2 yo Australian Cattledog Bella. Dr. Lloyd helped a lot and gave us all the time we needed. We made it through one type of cancer but this second one was just too much for Bella and we had to say good by to her. Bella was the smartest dog I have ever been around and was always up to play frisbee or ball. She swam in the ocean, hiked deserts and climbed mountains with us and was the perfect companion. She will be remembered always.

-Robert and Shannon Flagg, submitted 10/13/2020

Yesterday, my 17 1/2 yr old dog, Ladybug, passed away. She would NOT have lived as vibrant or comfortable a life had she not had the care of North Star staff. At age 3 she had back disc surgery, for years she had arthritis, gall bladder/liver/renal issue. Dr.Tammy Anderson, Dr. R.LoScrudato, Angela-Tech. were always compassionate, knowledgeable, and supportive. I trusted them with top care that was always reasonable, necessary and never inflated! I will always be grateful for their availability no matter when and their professionalism. May an angel watch over them in these challenging times.

-Benita Rommel, submitted 10/13/2020

The NorthStar doctors, techs, and internal medicine team are simply incredible. When we rushed our 15 year old sweet lil Misty to the ER because of her thyroid mass, Dr. Puchot and team not only found many signs of illness that our other vets had overlooked, but they truly cared for her and gave her the best final month and a half of life. They fought for her just as hard as we did. She loved visiting there, loved all the techs and doctors, loved being in the cat room, and even held on for the last night of her life so we could bring her back and she could say goodbye to all of them. We will miss her everyday but we are so incredibly grateful to NorthStar for the care, love, and treatment they gave her. During this time, you were all Misty's heroes.

-Kellie, Jim, and Nicki Tota, submitted 10/13/2020

I cant thank Northstar Maple Shade staff enough. After rushing my pup there two weeks ago with a major bite wound they took care of him and saved his life. He has made an almost full recovery in just over two weeks. Thanks for the care, its appreciated more than you know.

-Claire Wikberg, submitted 10/13/2020

Northstar is the BEST! The staff has become a part of our family and literally have been nonstop super-heroes to me and my little Yuki dog during the entire Covid19 pandemic. We are temporarily relocated during this pandemic and are away from our entire Animal care team. Northstar helped us with an emergency and we have been coming back every week for months. Everyone is so attentive, thorough, knowledgable, communicative and kind. Yuki actually loves coming for her treatments and therapies and that is a first in 13 years! I want to make sure the following staff are noted as outstanding in every way at the Robbinsville location: Dr Fry, Dr Lo, Dr Berkowitz, Elizabeth (PT dept), Jessica Melici and Joan. I wish all medical facilities had the state of art and holistic, team-work that Northstar has - all conveniently under one roof. We keep sending lunches and dinners to the team to express our thanks, but we know that doesn't begin to scrape the surface of how meaningful it is to know every truly cares about the wellbeing and wellness of my baby. In gratitude and appreciation. ~Emi Gittleman and little Yuki

-Emi Gittleman, submitted 10/13/2020

I want to thank the Northstar team for taking such good care of my Bella. When she was under a year old she became very sick. When others were telling us to put her down Dr. Anderson never gave up on her. Dr. Anderson and team game my family 8 wonderful years with our Bella. When she was diagnosed with cancer last year Northstar was there for us once again. Thank you for giving us the time we had with our Bella. She brought us so much joy and love and we will miss her every day.

-Kim Pillar, submitted 03/18/2019

I went into NorthStar Vets located in Maple Shade with my dog, Egypt on December 9. I knew something was wrong with her but I had no clue what is was. I was very nervous and scared, but once I gave her to the staff at NorthStar Vets I relaxed. Everyone was very kind,caring and patient. Dr. Singleton sat down with me and explained in depth that my Egypt was sick and she probably had cancer. She also explained to me what options I had with treating Egypt. Dr. Singleton called me a few days later, just like she said she would and left me a lengthy voice message with the results of her blood work that confirmed Egypt had Lymphoma and the cancer spreaded throughout her body. Egypt died in her sleep on 12/13. We kept her comfortable and happy up to the end of her life. Thank you, thank you, thanks Dr. Singleton and NorthStar Vets for being soo patient, caring, understanding and professional. #theverybest

-Ms. Bennett, submitted 12/19/2018

We truly want to thank the entire staff of North Star Animal Hospital in Robbinsville for making an extremely difficult day comforting. The moment we walk in with our beloved Mimi we were guided to a comfortable room with a sofa and a view of their beautiful garden. Every staff member that entered the room expressed their sympathy and made sure everything was handled with ease. Once an IV was started on Mimi she was placed on my lap in a cozy blanket. Then the extremely compassionate Vet entered and gently explained everything that was going to happen. We could only feel comfort in knowing our Mimi passed in my arms were she belonged.

-Grieving Parents, submitted 07/09/2018

My husband and I are so grateful to Dr. Grootenboer & Dr. Britton for all they did for our rabbit Champ that was in the hospital for a week with terrible GI Stasis. Their patience, understanding and compassion was amazing and was so reassuring to us that Champ was in the best hands along with the entire staff! We have been bringing our pets to the Robbinsville location for many years and are always extremely pleased with the care they give. Thank you to the doctors, emergency staff, ward staff and desk teams for everything you did to help Champ come home and having the patience with us with visits, questions and concerns. You are all so wonderful.

-Pat & Erin B., submitted 03/19/2018

Sandra Swain-Banscher I am grateful that Cuddles (at left) is doing so well. She was diagnosed with autoimmune meningitis in July--spent a week in a wonderful hospital in Robbinsville, NJ--NorthStar VETS--under the continuous care of her wonderful neurologist, Dr. Gaemia Tracy--continued watch and carenManagen

-Sandra S. Banscher, submitted 01/02/2018

On December 16, 2017, our beloved dog Charlie was admitted to North Star, Maple Shade for extreme pain and difficulty walking. After being evaluated it was determined additional testing would need to be done at the Robbinsville location. Unable to drive him, Dr. Stobie, North Star's Chief of Staff, was returning to Robbinsville and offered to transport Charlie for us. An amazing act of kindness. After arriving to Robbinsville, he was placed in the care of Dr. Tracy. We spoke with Dr. Tracy daily, never once did he rush off the phone or become frustrated with our endless questions. He compassionately explained Charlie was suffering from root nerve cancer, reviewed options, which in the end helped us make the best decision for our beloved pet. I can honestly say, Dr. Tracy did everything to save our dog and when the devastating decision to not proceed with treatment was made, he was understanding and respectful. When it was time to say goodbye to our beloved pet, Dr. Tracy and Vet Tec, Fleur, stayed with us offering kind words and sympathy. Both were gentle in their approach, allowing us time with him and the comfort he needed at the end. Although Charlie did not return home, we are forever grateful for the compassionate care he received from the entire staff at North Star Maple Shade and Robbinsville. The care was outstanding and the most heartbreaking time in our lives was made easier by these special people. We are forever grateful to all of them. And a special note: In 2007 we brought Charlie to North Star for surgery on his right patella. The success of the surgery allowed Charlie to enjoy ten amazing years of happiness. Once again, we are forever grateful. Sincerely, Mark & Nancy Neri Southampton, NJ 08088nn

-Mark & Nancy Neri, submitted 01/02/2018

There are simply not enough superlatives to describe our overwhelming gratitude for the staff at NorthStar Vets in Robbinsville. On Saturday, Sept.16th, we brought our critically-ill Dachshund, Harley, to the hospital. She spent the next five days in the ICU. The tender, loving care and compassion she received from Dr. Wiley, Dr. Puchot and the technicians is unsurpassed. The kindness and support we, the family, experienced cannot be matched. We are so grateful to you all for easing our pain and suffering during this very traumatic time. You are truly a compassionate and caring group of professionals. Thank you.

-Ellie, Jim and James Vaughan, submitted 09/25/2017

Our family would like to thank Dr.Hammer, Dr.Patanio and your wonderful staff for the care that our dog Toby received. From the time we brought him in and he was examined and admitted to ICU till the end, we were treated with such understanding and compassion. Toby could not have received better treatment. Thank you for all you did for Toby

-Karen and Ken Wieland, submitted 07/20/2017

My family would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Ferikes and the NorthStar staff for their professional and compassionate support on Saturday night 6/18 when we had to make the emotional decision to say good bye to our girl Ryley. You all made it possible through clear medical advice and compassion to help us through this tragic event. Ryley was truly a member of the Crea family and she will be missed. Our home is just not the same without her greeting you at the door at the end of a long work day. Thank you again for your kindness and support. Joe, Eileen, Allison, and Kimberly Crea. n

-Joseph Crea, submitted 02/07/2017

The day after Christmas I had to take my best buddy Chloe to NorthStar Vets to have him put to sleep. Chloe was in his 20s and I had been taking care of him for the last 7 years of his life. Words cannot express how thankful I am to Dr. Laura Tasker and the rest of the staff that were working that evening. Since Chloe was old and suffering from kidney disease, I was surprised by how unprepared I was for this moment. I could not stop crying and Dr. Tasker could not have been any more compassionate and caring. She gave me all the time I needed with Chloe before the procedure and the staff allowed me to stay as long as I needed to afterwards. I will forever be thankful for Dr. Tasker and the rest of the staff at NorthStar Vets.

-Robin Stephens, submitted 02/07/2017

I can not say enough nice things about the entire staff at Northstar. On 5/23/16 we were referred to them to have an ultrasound done of our 3 year old Great Dane Max who all of a sudden had trouble emptying his bladder. Everyone was shocked to discover our larger than life family member had cancer that had spread multiple places. Dr. Portner was so kind and explained the options then gave me time to call the family. On a very sad family conference call we all decided saying goodbye to Max was the best option for him. The family poured into the exam room to say goodbye and when we were ready Dr. Portner helped us say goodbye. Their whole team gave us time, choices, space, guidance, comfort and understanding. Having the chance for us all to be together to say goodbye to Max was the greatest gift and I am so grateful to all of the Northstar staff for helping us thru such an unexpected loss.

-The Griffis Family , submitted 05/25/2016

The staff at NorthStar is great! We were visiting family from out of town when our pup suddenly fell ill. It was nice having a place to bring him so far from our regular vet. They were helpful, knowledgable, and informative. The doctor explained every thing he was going to do before he did it and the techs kept us updated the whole time we were out in the waiting room. It was a very stressful situation for us but the staff made it much easier for us and for Mickey.

-Mickey the pup and his humans!, submitted 04/15/2016

On 4/12/16, We were referred to NorthStar Vets by our primary Vet when, Kasey, our 12 1/2 yr old Pomapoo became gravely Ill. From the moment we walked in the door we were treated with such care and compassion from everyone we came in contact with. We were blessed to have Kasey be seen by their critical care Dr. Laura Tasker. Dr Tasker is one of Gods Angels on earth. She was so gentle and caring with our Kasey and explained everything they wore going to do and promised to call us with the results as soon as they were in.which she did and then answered all our querstions. Unfortunately our Kasey was so severely Ill and we had to make the most heartbreaking decision in our lives for our precious girl but with the help of Dr Tasker we helped Kasey cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Dr Tasker stayed after her shift so she could be there with us to help us through this difficult journey. She made this journey a beautiful experience giving us as much time as we needed to say goodbye and be able to hold our precious Kasey in our arms as she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge with the help of Dr Tasker. Our sincere thanks to everyone at NorthStar Vets and especially to Dr. Laura Tasker for her professionalism and her sincere caring and compassionate nature. nWe will recommend your services to everyone we know. You are a 5 star operation who surpasses all others. Our sincere thanks to you all.

-David & Gloria Wells, submitted 04/15/2016

1 year ago Doctor Tammy Anderson and her staff saved my little guy's life. We rushed him to Northstar, I was in panic afraid of loosing my precious 5 year old tiny, feisty yorkie boy named "Frimousse". nTurned out he had a liver shunt, ammonia was building up in his brain poisoning him...nDoctor Anderson took plenty of time to talk to us about the different options we had.nFrimousse since had surgery (ameroid ring), special diet and enjoys life to the full, so far, so good... thanks to a dedicated team of animal lovers.nnn

-Andree Adam, submitted 10/27/2015

A few weeks ago I sent in a testimonial about several members of NorthStars staff. I complimented about a Jessica, I wasnt sure of her last name or initial but now I am and have decided to write one for her. I am speaking of Jess P who works saturdays. She takes care of Christopher Lenoci every saturday and she is just fantastic in every way. Such compassion for Chris and he just loves her. She has even been teaching him the computer, so now he acts like our computer belongs to him...Thanks Jess, lolnA huge thank you to Jess and your whole staff. Thank heavens for Northstar!!!

-The Lenoci Gang!, submitted 10/27/2015

Don't use your regular vet for dental cleanings - make an appointment with Dr. Lewis. He is one of the nicest vets I've ever met and he is so skilled in vet dentistry. I like to think I am always very attuned to my dog's health, but I had no idea my 12 year old doxie had 2 molars with exposed pulp - I felt awful but Dr. Lewis did a first rate job cleaning his teeth and removing the teeth with problems. He actually called me twice during my dog's dental surgery and once after to tell me how it went. Our 12 year old doxie is like a new dog - energetic and happy. We took our other doxie to him as well and she had a molar with exposed pulp and very infected gums - and she is only four years old - so it really does make sense to get dental visits for "young" dogs. It takes us an hour to make the trip to NorthStar and back but it's so worth it.

-S. Batchelor, submitted 10/27/2015

This place is the BEST! I have had good vets in the past but the vets and techs here really LOVE animals. Our original encounter a few years ago with our Cairn Terrier (Roxy) was amazing. We thought she needed an echo and brought a lot of cash with us to pay as our vet warned us it could be very expensive. We met with Dr. DeRose. He almost immediately told us what her diagnosis was and said she did not need the echo. We were charge about $230 when they could have charged us $1200 and not done an echo at all...we would not have know. This time at 14 Roxy had kidney failure and had to stay. Cannot say enough good things about Drs. Ward and Hammer and the techs...especially Christopher whom we met. This is the first time we have had to leave Roxy because she has always been very healthy but we knew she was in very good hands. So happy a NorthStar is opening just a little over a mile from us! Oh and Marge...a GEM!! Love you all.

-Crystal Sada, submitted 10/27/2015

This team deserves a five star rating! When my cat had his second urinary blockage, I knew that it was serious. He had been to another vet who couldn't unblock him, and the prognosis was pretty grim. He could have an operation, or he would die. The vet recommended another facility, but I decided to take him to NorthStar, and I'm glad I did. They explained the options, diagnosis, and prognosis. It was a potentially life-threatening issue, but their professional, caring manner definitely put me at ease. Paxton did not need the operation and came through with flying colors. Their call-backs and updates were great, and I was always treated with respect. It was also a nice touch to be able to hear positive feedback. When I came to visit (which was also a very positive experience) he was clean and obviously well-cared for. It made me feel good that there was a personal touch, and he was not just a cat in cage #3! Adding a personal touch, they said my cat was "handsome" and a "good boy", I thought it was an enormous credit to their customer skills, compassion and professionalism. Although it's never pleasant for a pet to be hospitalized, the staff was caring, personable and professional. I would definitely recommend them to any pet owner! Thanks from me and Paxton!

-Diana Sichta (and Ali Michels), submitted 09/01/2015

Dear Northstar staff,nAs you know, our beloved Golden Retriever, T-Bone Mattera, passed over to the Rainbow Bridge on August 31st after 12 yrs and 7 months of amazing life. We all know that T-Bone was a miracle dog. Diagnosed with a sarcoma in 2010, you offered up up that maybe we would get another year or maybe two at best. Well, we got 5 amazing years! Evan with the numerous issuesthat fell upon her after that(another sarcoma, spleen removal, cataracts, diabetes, joint damage) , the staff at Northstar continued to treat her and make her well. Dr. Ting, Dr. Kim, Dr. Vygantas, Dr Hammer, the techs Jillian and Megan and the entire staff made our baby feel welcome and gave her the unconditional love that she gave to all of us for so many years. We TRULY appreciate everything you did for us and we are so very grateful to have been sent your way.Even with all of her issues, T-Bone LOVED coming there and playing with everyone. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.nnAnna, Vinny, Anthony & T-Bone Mattera

-Anna, Vinny, Anthony & T-Bone Mattera, submitted 09/01/2015

We have used Northstar since they were actually located in Cream Ridge (many moons ago) for any true emergency that has effected our furry companions. nnCocoa, a 13 year old Lab that had a massive tumor that suddenly caused her hind legs to be paralyzed. The staff gave her much love and helped our family say goodbye to our lovely girl in a warm, compassionate environment.nnLilo, a Border Collie mix, at 4-5 months of age was a rescue from a Virginia kill shelter. She came to us extremely ill with a severe case of Kennel Cough and other ailments over a Labor Day weekend. We rushed her over and she was assessed quickly and accurately by the vet staff, giving her the proper medications to bring her back to health. She is now a healthy 11 year old.nnJust a few days ago, on 11/12/2014, we entrusted our newest family member, Ratchet, a 16 week old Maltese/Pomeranian mix into their hands after an accident during play time. Ratchet was in extreme pain and his "screaming" nearly undid us! We called to say we were on our way and started our midnight, 30 minute journey through dense fog. We walked in the door and they were waiting, a tech was assessing Ratchet's condition before we could even start to fill out paperwork. After the initial exam, they immediately gave him pain medication and ushered him to Radiology in the warm embrace of the tech that had greeted us at the door. Dr. Rubello suspected a fracture of his tibia and had the xrays sent over to their radiologist for consultation. It was a difficult thing to diagnose with our tiny Ratchet only weighing in at not quite 4 lbs! They gave our Ratchet such wonderful tender loving care, treating him as if he was their little boy too! nThe professionalism, the caring and understanding they gave to our much loved pup and to us was priceless. Ratchet is on his way to mending now and we are grateful to the staff there for calming him..... and this stressful situation!

-With great thanks! Val, Art and Ratchet, submitted 07/13/2015

We never knew how difficult it would be to lose our Astro. We had to put him to sleep suddenly after he suffered a grave illness. It was the most heart breaking episode my family and I have been through in our lifetimes. All we wanted to say was thank you to Dr. Respess and Tina along with the whole staff of Northstar. They made it possible through great advice and compassion to help us through this tragic event. I know my Astro didn't suffer and now he is in a much better place. As far as I am concerned, this is the only place to goto in an emergency.

-With All of our thanks, Astroa and The Singh Family, submitted 07/13/2015

I just want to thank the Dr's and staff from the bottom of my heart for all they have done for Fred. A special thank you to Stephanie. My daughter and I felt a real connection. Every night when we left him I knew her was in good hands. All I talked about was Fred has A girlfriend named Stephanie. She really assured me that Fred would be fine, he just needed time. n nnFred is home now with his sister Sophia and his brother Marvin. He adjusted well. nnThank You, from the bottom of our hearts nnLove Fred.

-Love Fred , Lisa & Syd Campopiano, submitted 07/13/2015

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Kristina Vygantas. She is a true professional. She operated on my precious little companion and I would recommend her to any pet owner. My Little Sweetie III says thank you too.

-Anna J. Patti, submitted 07/13/2015

As hard as it is to put this into words it has to be written. Our story starts in April of 2014 when our primary vet sent us to Northstar for and evaluation by Dr. Kim for his lymphoma. As you can imagine we were terrified as he was only 2 yrs 10 months old. When we arrived not knowing what to expect, we were greeted very kindly with a smile.Dr.Kim Immediately put me at ease, there was something about her. She told us all our options and some were not easy to hear as our boy was very sick, stage 5 lymphoma.We decided on chemo, he went into remission almost immediately, we were overjoyed. We spent many days going back and forth to Northstar over the next months( not a short drive 60 minutes each way ) but it was well worth it.Even when he was sick with a cold or needed blood drawn, I chose the 60 minute drive to northstar as I had become so impressed with the level of care we received, I could not bring myself to trust him to anywhere else but Northstar.When you love someone as much as I loved Clyde you take notice to the people around him. These people.... so to speak of- the doctors( Dr. Kim, Dr. Hammer) and the technicians(Heather, Danielle, Jes) just to mention a few were angels in hiding, as I watched them genuinely care for my boy it made my heart happy. At no time did I feel taken advantage of or put off. We sadly lost our boy in March of 2015. Even at the end we were given the compassion I would want for everyone going through this ordeal and made as comfortable as possible.As for the cost, all I can say is it was worth every penny, and isn't that what really matters in the end. I would also like to mention how clean this facility is and well managed as , I just recently thought about. As when you are going through something like this you forget to mention it. I think I took it for granted, so I wanted to mention it. Please don't hesitate to bring your buddy here as you will be proud that you did.

-The Hammerle's, submitted 07/13/2015

My roller coaster ride with North Star started 11/1/13 when my dog Tessy was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I thought it was the end of the world. I remember Dr. Gutman telling me that Dr. Kim is a wonderful oncologist and she would be in good hands. He was absolutely right. Tessy started chemo on 11/3/13 which happens to be my birthday and although I was heartbroken, in reality, it was the best birthday present I could ever have. Dr. Kim and her staff Heather and Rebecca just to name a couple are wonderful. They put me at ease during such a difficult time and for me it is not an easy task to do. Tessy went into remission right away and remains in remission today. I also have the misfortune of having my heart torn again because my cat Ralphie was also diagnosed with lymphoma (large cell). It was very hard to diagnose him and he had to have surgery to be diagnosed. Dr. Anderson and her staff member Sara (who I will never forget gave me a hug when I really needed it) were great and showed such compassion when my heart was breaking. Right now we are back seeing Dr. Kim with Ralphie once a week which just started on 7/27/14 and while the situation stinks, I feel he is in good hands as well once again under Dr. Kim's care and her staff which includes Diane this time. Thank you North Star! I wish I never had a reason to meet you but I am glad you are there for my beloved furbabies! By the way, we travel one hour each way to North Star and that is on a good day when there is no traffic!!!

-Diane Lanzetti-Ward, submitted 08/04/2014

We just wanted to thank NorthStar for the care provided to our 15 year old Golden Retriever Sunny. The compassion and professionalism Dr. Respess and your staff demonstrated was comforting as we were faced with the most difficult decision of our lives. Receiving a handwritten condolence note from Dr. Respess was an impressive personal touch you do not see very often. We could not have gotten through that day without her guidance. NorthStar exceeded every expectation we had may have had. Thank you.

-Kyle & Renee, submitted 02/04/2014

You are the man who saved Eli's life on 7/31/10 and the days that followed it. Eli is the lutino tiel that had the metal poisoning (we were on vacation in NJ). You took him home for extra tube feedings and for that and everything you did for him and us I will be forever appreciative. Eli is doing very well. We love him so much. I have passed along the story of Eli and Dr. Doolen to my fellow Long Island Birdbrains. They took your name down and were so pleased that they have a new avian vet contact! Thanks again so much. God Bless.

-Jerry Wosleger, submitted 09/05/2013

Northstar lives up to its reputation as a five star facility. The level of professionalism and excellence of care is unsurpassed. Everyone I encountered was very knowledgeable and compassionate. A special thank you to Dr. John Lewis. I could not have asked for a more caring and attentive veterinarian. He personally contacted me pre-op, during, post-op and continued to follow up in the days following despite his busy schedule. He definitely alleviated any separation anxiety I felt when I had to leave my Sparky. Thank you again Dr. Lewis!

-Evelyn , submitted 03/18/2013

I brought my dog "Nikki" to Northstar at the end of December 2012 for a neurological consultation. What an amazing place. The facility and staff at Northstar are outstanding. As for the facility, it's state of the art, modern and immaculate. As for the staff, I cannot say enough nice things about them, but the words caring, compassionate, competent, attentive, polite and friendly all come to mind. Northstar is truly a comprehensive veterinary facility with doctors from so many different specialties. I had a chance to meet several of them, including Dr. Logan, the neurologist who coordinated and continues to coordinate Nikki's care; Dr. Motley, the Emergency Department Supervisor who treated Nikki when she had a fainting episode in the lobby at Northstar; and Dr. Anderson, who I met probably ten years ago when she evaluated my Dalmatian "Alex" for kidney disease at Dr. Stobie's original location in Millstone Township. All three doctors are highly trained experts in their fields and thoroughly attended to my dogs' medical issues. At the same time, they are also very down-to-earth, approachable, calming and just really nice. I still keep in touch with Dr. Logan, who has made herself readily available for any questions I have. The medical boarding at Northstar is exceptional. There's a doctor available 24 hours a day. The veterinary nurses are there to monitor Nikki at all times and attend to her every need. Nikki is a very sensitive dog and I have never boarded her until I discovered Northstar. Every veterinary nurse that I have met has been so kind, so compassionate, so caring and genuinely so. I suffer from separation anxiety when it comes to Nikki, but I am completely comfortable boarding her at Northstar knowing that the nurses spoil her. Nikki's final diagnosis is Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS), a chronic degenerative condition that I was told is similar to Alzheimer's Disease in humans, and so she will continue to have medical needs. Unrelated to CDS, she also has episodes of vasovagal syncope, when she basically loses consciousness for a brief period. I love my dog so much and I feel very fortunate that Northstar is less than an hour away for her medical needs and for medical boarding.

-Gary Sambol, submitted 03/12/2013

I live an hour away but they were the closest emergency place that also did exotics. I took my hedgehog there on a saturday night and even though it was busy they immediately took her back while I did the paperwork. All the techs and vet were very compassionate and caring and took their time. They also went over estimates of all the possible outcomes for me. She stayed the night and Dr. Doolen operated on her the next day. Unfortunately, she didn't make it but I know they tried everything they could and you could hear the sincerity in Dr. Doolen's voice when he called me. I thank them for their time and compassion and I know if I had made it in time, they could have saved her. If I ever need to bring my other hedgehogs there I know they will be in good hands.

-S. Kershak, submitted 03/13/2012

The staff always been extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Hammer spends whatever time is necessary to answer all questions. We have never felt rushed and never felt that she has not given us 100% of her attention. Bandit received the best possible care. She is a typical cat-she hates getting into a cage and is certainly not fond of the 1 hour car trip. But once at NorthStar she transforms into the best behave feline on earth and everyone involved in her care handles her gently and a total caring attitude. My overall experience was excellent money well spent. Our primary Vet-Dr Peter Falk at Ocean County Veterinary Hospital never hesitates with any of our animals to refer any of them to NorthStar if he feels it necessary for the best treatment. I am a physician and feel extremely well qualified to offer an opinion about other physicians. Dr. Hammer is both one of the most caring and one of the brightest Veterinary Physicians I have ever met. No, let me expand that to one of the most caring and brightest physicians i have met-in Veterinary medicine or Human medicine.

-Bandit's Owner, submitted 11/21/2011

I want to thank Drs. Guinan, Levin and Kelleher and all the staff who took care of my cat, Sam. I brought him in based on a referral on a Wednesday, he was in for surgery the next day and I brought him home that Saturday. He is still on the mend. I had to bring him in on an emergency basis on Labor Day and even though they were extremely busy they looked him over carefully, stabilized him, met to discuss his situation, and assured me that he was not in crisis and just needs to mend. When Sam's Vet referred me to Northstar I did not know what to expect, but I am relieved that Northstar was there and so is Sam, even though he doesn't realize it yet.

-A. Ossmann, submitted 09/08/2011

I want to thank everyone at Northstar for the most professional care to my little kitty Morocco. I noticed one late night after coming home from a birthday dinner that Morocco was going in and out of his litter box and not producing any urine. I called Northstar immediately, having been given the phone number from my vet for emergency care, and they told me to bring him in right away. Even though being at 2:30am in the morning, they were still completely full staffed and treated Morocco with so much care and urgency. Morocco had to go back the next day because he blocked up again, and this time they kept him and he had surgery. Being home alone with out my "roomate" Morocco for 4 days was a very big challenge to me, but I knew what had to be done for him. He had to have surgery because he had bladder stones. I received many follow up calls after he was discharged, and when he was still in the hospital, I called several times a day to check on him, and even went to visit him. Everyone was always so pleasant and nice each and every time. Now at home, he is back to his old normal self, and he barely even has a scar! They were even able to take the stitches out of this very finiky and feisty cat! And that is amazing! They saved my kitty's life, and returned him to me as good as new, and I can never express into words how grateful I am.

-Lauren Lettiere, submitted 04/11/2011

On Behalf of the Filiano family, we would like to thank everyone at Northstar, especially Dr. Anderson, who put in all of the incredible effort to save the life of our cat, Gray. All of the long hours, the care and compassion toward an animal who desperately needed it won't ever go unremembered. Right after the New Year, we noticed one night that Gray was sleeping in the basement, something that was absolutely out of the norm for him. He's the type of cat who wants nothing but softness, and usually is found sleeping on a specific chair. We brought him to our family vet the next morning, to be told flat out that if we did not bring him to an emergency hospital right then he wasn't going to make it. He had gone into acute kidney failure but they weren't sure why. Gray spent four days in Northstar's ICU under the constant care of wonderful people. Although the actual problem was and still remains a mystery, Dr. Anderson decided to treat him as if it were a severe kidney infection. He received fluids, antibiotics, numerous blood work ups and diagnostic testing, all under close, twenty-four hour supervision. Today, Gray is home with us. We almost swear that he's stronger and more lovable now than he ever was before going to Northstar. His tests are coming back absolutely perfect, and he's back to his normal sleeping chair. We will forever be appreciative for everything that Northstar provided for our pet in his time of need. Without your wonderful doctors, and excellent staff, we would have one less member of our family, and we so deeply thank you for that.

-The Filiano Family, submitted 01/21/2011

Thank you so much for all that you have done to save my little girl. I knew that she was in the right hands, when you first saw her and kissed her, calling her "sweetheart". Susan is a great bird, and I feel so bad that all of this has happened to her. However, she is healing well; and she has an even more amazing and trusting relationship with me then ever before. She enjoys following me around the house and spying on the other birds. She is a little bird with a huge attitude!! Please let me know if there is anything else that I should be doing for her. Also, please let me know about continuing/discontinuing her medications and other visits or tests. Thank you, so much Dr. Doolen for everything. You are truly a life saver!

-Colleen Fresco, submitted 10/29/2010

We walked in through the doors of NorthStar on Sept 4th. We had never heard of this animal hospital and we were nervous and scared. Our 2 1/2 year old Australian Labradoodle Cali, had a life threatening reaction to an antibiotic. When we left her, we weren't sure we would ever take her home again. Over the next 8 weeks, NorthStar and its staff became our family...Dr's Guinan, Hammer and Anderson provided outstanding care for our beloved little girl. Dr Guinan was her primary internist and through his devotion and dedication there was light at the end of the tunnel. We brought Cali home a week ago after beating all the odds. When her CBC numbers were low the staff comforted us and when the blood results were on the rise, they cheered. What can one say about such an incredible and caring group of people? To all the gals at the front desk, the vet techs and the doctors ( you all know who you are) we will be eternally grateful. You have all become extended family. Cali will be having a birthday soon and we must celebrate! Dr Stobie, your kindness will never be forgotten, you are to be commended on the employ of such a devoted staff. We wish all of you continued strength to do what you do and know we will be right there at your side when you open your new facility. We love you all!

-Joyce, Mark and Cali, submitted 10/29/2010

I have heard a lot about North Star Vet Hospital from others that have had medical care for their pets. I should have brought Skip to your hospital to begin with, Dr. Guinan was more experienced and very professional and kind to us covering all grounds of our medical problem with Skips, Kidney disease. Skipper is now doing better. My regular Vet is DR. K at the West Trenton Animal and has helped Skipper very much also recommend us to your hospital to see Dr. Guinan and we are very grateful for that. Thank you and your staff for your kind service. I will recommend you to others.

-Mike and Skipper, submitted 09/28/2010

Thank you so much for remembering my Peaman. He was a really unique and loving little guy. We are so grateful to have had him in our lives for thirteen years - and he was about two years old when we rescued him. Thanks to you he had a wonderful, active and long life. We can't thank you enough. Here are some of his friends who came to say hello.

-Gina, submitted 09/28/2010

My family and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dr Stobie and his staff for helping our cat, Lilly, through major surgery this past month.

Thank you Dr. Stobie for taking the time to fit Lilly into your busy schedule on Saturday 3/6/10 to evaluate her leg mass and for walking us through the process of her leg amputation. I appreciate you returning every one of my phone calls with all the many questions we had in making this decision for Lilly, and for getting her through surgery and then some on 3/16/10. Your expertise, kindness, and professionalism is exceptional. I also want to thank you for making me welcome on my visits to see her after surgery, it was a relief to see her.

Thank you to Megan and all of the great receptionists that gladly took all of my phone calls and messages without hesitation.

Thank you to all the wonderful technicians who took care of Lilly during her stay. From Chris K who met us at the door and Theresa who kindly took her in on surgery day to Eileen who happily took my phone calls even at midnight when I called for a progress report. I appreciate you all.

Thank you to Dr. Kim who remove Lilly's sutures yesterday and who took the time to discuss chemotherapy options with us. Your caring and compassion for oncology is apparent and we appreciate you guiding us and making a difficult decision much easier for us to bear.

Lilly is getting stronger and more active each passing day and we hope that with all of the help from our friends at NorthStar VETS she will be happy and pain free for years to come!

Thank you all again!


-Lisa, Terrance, Shawn, & Shannon, submitted 09/28/2010

Two years ago around Christmas time my family brought home a golden retriever puppy who was perfect in every way except that he didn't have toenails on his left front paw. Little did anyone know that it was the early sign of a congenital defect. As he grew, the paw didn't grow with him. As he got bigger, the stubby paw started throwing his entire gait off, eventually affecting both of his hips. When we brought him in for a consultation with Dr. Stobie in April 2010, Bailey literally didn't have a good leg to stand on. It hurt to run or jump, or even to get up from a sitting or lying position. After careful examination and thoughtful consideration of his size and condition, Dr. Stobie recommended total hip replacement surgery for the right hip, which was completely dislocated. This was a truly frightening concept. We had so many questions: How risky was the surgery? What was the incidence of postoperative complications? How long and how hard would the recovery be? How much would Bailey benefit? Over the course of several conversations, Dr. Stobie answered every question I asked, even after I'd asked it for the third, fourth, or fifth time. He understood with incredible compassion (and patience!) that this was not an easy decision to make--Bailey is absolutely the apple of my eye. He put my family in touch with several clients whose dogs had had the same surgery so we could ask what to expect from someone who had been through it. He never rushed us or pushed us to make a decision, but gently and thoughtfully guided us through the decision-making process. Finally, after all of our questions were answered and all the risks and benefits had been carefully weighed, we proceeded with the surgery. Everyone at the hospital has been, without a single exception, top-notch. On the morning of the surgery, Theresa put us completely at ease by explaining exactly what was going to happen between the time we handed over Bailey's leash to her and the time Dr. Stobie called to report after the surgery was complete. And not only did Dr. Stobie call as soon as it was over to tell us that Bailey had done just fine, he called every day when Bailey first came home to check in and see how his recuperation was progressing, even over a weekend. I love Bailey's dedicated tech, Michelle. She's always as excited to see him on our post-op visits as he is to see her. I know my boy is in very good hands when I hand over his leash to Michelle. It is clearly evident that she loves animals, she loves her job and she's outstanding at it. We followed all of Dr. Stobie's postoperative instructions to the letter, and after several post-op checkpoints Bailey is making incredible progress. He is now allowed off his leash in the backyard. I am so happy to report that 12 weeks later, my precious pup, who in early May couldn't walk without serious discomfort, can now run and play, which makes him (and his mom) very happy. Thanks to Dr. Stobie and everyone on staff at NorthStar, he's finally got a good leg to stand on.

-Lisa Neuman, submitted 08/13/2010

Our family would like to express our deepest gratitude to Dr. Stobie and his staff for the current care of Nike, our family Bishon. Nike had surgery this past Saturday, July 31, 2010 and is still recovering at NorthStar, we are so thankful for the care he is receiving. Thank you to all of your wonderful technicians who are caring for Nike as well as your reception staff. They have been so professional and helpful and take all of our telephone calls and comfort and support us each day especially when we visit. We hope and pray that Nike will get stronger everyday and will one day walk again and be the content dog we have been blessed with for the past 13 years. So a very big thank you to all of you at NorthStar from our family to yours. Sincerely, Dr. & Mrs. Steven Deckler and Family

-Dr. & Mrs. Steven Deckler and Family, submitted 08/10/2010

I have worked for emergency hospitals for my entire 16 yr career, Northstar surpasses all of them in quality of care, competence and attitude. They strive to be the best and do the best for each and every patient. I am honored to have worked there and will continue to refer difficult cases in the future.

-Donald T Force VMD, submitted 08/10/2010

I totally agree with the last reviewer - we had an AMAZING experience at North Star. We brought our cat in through emergency at 2am in the morning, and the staff couldn't have been more helpful and supportive. Our cat had to stay at North Star for 5 days and during that time he was seen by the emergency vet, a cardiologist, and finally an internal medicine specialist, each of whom I spoke to at least once a day on the phone. The vets kept me up to date completely on the tests they were running and possible diagnoses. I broke down and was crying (embarrasing) on the phone once or twice and the vet was totally supportive and didn't make me feel like an idiot. While our cat was at the hospital, we visited him each day - the tech brought him in to a private exam room, gave us an update on his condition and then left him with us for 30 minutes. This was an incredible time that we got to spend with our cat without any restriction. When he was discharged from the hospital, I couldn't believe how reasonable the charge was - all vets are expensive but I thought that North Star's prices were in no way inflated. Also, they take Care Credit, which allowed us to pay the bill over 3 months with no interest charges. Unfortunately our cat only hung on for a few weeks after that (he was diagnosed with FIP, which is fatal), but when we took him back to North Star to put him down, they were SO kind and supportive. The grief support coach spoke with us and all of the staff were so respectful and caring. A few days later, we received a card with handwritten notes from the vets who treated our cat expressing their condolences. If you want a caring, supportive, clean, top-of-the-line medical facility for your pet, you should choose North Star!


This place was truly amazing. My dog had a severe seizure/stroke and I thought he was going to die. My regular vet stabilized him and told us to immediately go to NorthStar. NorthStar took us in right away. They had specialized neurologists treat my dog and they quickly diagnosed him with a tumor on his brain stem. My dog was in the hospital for three days. Each day, the doctor spent at least 15-20 minutes on the phone with us and an additional 15-20 minutes during our daily visit to update us on his condition. The doctors provided all of the options to us, and did not make us feel bad about not selecting expensive options like radiation or surgery that would only put him through more suffering. Everyone including the front desk personnel, technicians and doctors were so kind, sympathetic, knowledgeable and helpful. (I can say from recent experience that most people do not receive that level of care and sympathy when they are in the hospital.) The place was immaculate and my dog was well cared for. They give the animals their dignity and even take them to go to the bathroom outside. When he was discharged, we asked for his records to give to our vet and they replied that they had already faxed a copy to him! They even gave us a CD of his X-rays to take with us. How is that for service??!! Yes, all vets are expensive, but that is a price you consider when getting a pet. I did not feel pressured by NorthStar to do unnecessary tests or to keep him in the hospital longer than he needed to be. I also think their prices are comparable with most other vets. They take all forms of payment, including credit cards, and they did not delay emergency treatment until they received a deposit. My dog has been home for a few days and is improving a little each day. The time with him that we have left, which is because of the care he received at NorthStar, made every penny worth it!


I just had the most amazing experience at NorthStar VETS! My 6 month old puppy got hit by a car and thrown across the street :( She was hit so hard that her eye detached from her socket! As you can imagine my horror I brought her to my general practice but they immediately referred me to the care of NorthStar. I contacted NorthStar and alerted them that I was on my way and the receptionists were so calming and helpful. As soon as I arrived she was admitted, and they even offered me coffee while I waited! It turned out her eye had to be removed and she would stay overnight but what started out as a horrific experience ended as a best as could be expected. She has one eye now but it has not handicapped her performance as a playful, healthy pup. In fact I think her senses have only been heightened. I have a deep gratitude to the staff and doctors at NorthStar for saving my dogs life and taking excellent care of her!?